Friday, October 31, 2014

It's been a long long time...

  whoa! its been almost 2 years since my last post. to be honest, i've abandoned this blog for longer than i can remember , and only did it pop back in my mind after i clicked on one of my friend's blog linked which i would not have discovered again had i not delete some of the extra links off the tool bar. figures. lol
  this blog has always been a place where i use to vent about and write about sad or unhappy experiences. looking back at the stuffs i used to write about , i have no idea why i used to react like i did before. looking at now and then, i'm a complete different person from what i used to be. not blogging here actually means a good thing, it means that i am not plagued by my emotions, and that i am brave enough to face them in reality instead of pondering non stop and turning round in circles. throughout my life thus far, i have made many mistakes, some which i regretted till this very day, an some which i am glad happened  and gave my a chance to become what i am today. i realised that i too yearn more in life, what is it like to really fall in love with the person who will one day be my wife, what is it like to achieve my dream and live the quality life style that i've accustomed myself to. and also to make many life long friends who will be there until death do us part. To be fair, god has been very fair to me. I have nothing more to complain about , although i still do from time to time. 5 years ago did i started this blog, and after 5 years , here i am as a fully qualified junior doctor. time flies doesn't it? and i'm still getting used to the dr title. still feels weird whenever anyone calls me that. =S
  the next chapter awaits me , in a land far far away. rest assure all goes well and i will live life to the fullest and achieve my dream. i will probably neglect this blog again for god knows how long, but even if u on't see any post from me, don't worry as it means that i am alive and well and living life to the fullest. may god bless you all ! :)

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